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Regular Season 2019


Thank you to all those who donated to our auction, attended the event and helped support our program.   We had a great time!   Congrats to the Thompson brothers for the big win of the bean bag tourney!.   They faced some great competition.     Feedback from all who attended was that we need to do this again!    We appreciate the ability t come together and have some fun.   Great news is that we raised $2000 in a short time!!!    Thanks again to everyone, especially the TD club board.    



This year we are welcoming all players grades 10-12 to participate in both our team camp here and the Legends camp in Sioux falls.  Our camp will be held evenings June 8th& 9th and June 12th through 16th.  This camp is directed by the coaching staff and will provide fundamental instruction along with introducing several new wrinkles in our offense and defense.   It will also prepare us for the Augustana Team Camp that runs June 19th-21st.  Please set aside time in your schedule for this great opportunity.   During the camp you will receive our team T-shirt, Shorts, Practice Jersey and mouthguard.    The cost for travel to the camp in Sioux Falls will be determined based on the number of participants and the success of our fundraising.  


For more information please call (605) 312-7054   


contact Brock Reynoldson at 

Scholarship Applications MUST be received by June 6th, 2023 at 5 pm.

New Uniforms for 2023!

We are in the process of obtaining new uniforms for the 2023 season.  Please consider taking this opportunity to donate to our TD club uniform fund to help us with this significant expense.  Below is a link to our paypal account.