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Athletic Training

Regular Season 2014-15
2014-15 x Regular Season


If your athlete needs to be seen for an athletic injury, they should see me first. After seeing/talking to me, please call Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine at 507-266-9100 to make appointments. I am also able to help in making these appointments as well.

When your son or daughter is seen by a health care provider other than myself, they will need to bring a note and give it to me prior to return to play.

Weather Conditions and Competition Board Policy

MSHSL Environmental Condition and Competition Guidelines

Kayla Uptagrafft

Head Athletic Trainer

Phone: 328-5133 (office)



Athletic Training Room Usage, Procedures, and Rules

Starting Monday, August 17th this will be the protocol to be seen by myself in the training room. Expect that there may be some adjustments as we all go about this uncharted situation.

Unfortunately, I cannot have an open door policy at this time to help limit the number of athletes in my room at a time. Sports are unpredictable and injuries can happen at any time, those situations will happen and obviously those athletes do not have to schedule an appointment with me. Anyone else should schedule with me prior to coming into my room. Contact information is below.

If athlete wants to be tapped or any other treatment before practice or games they need to contact the athletic trainer to set up an appropriate time to do this.

Athletes who need ice after practice do not need to have an appointment, but they cannot come into my room to get it. I will get it for them, and if I am not available a coach has to do it. This is again to limit unnecessary contact.

Coaches are not allowed to let athletes into my room without my permission for any reason.

Protocol for an athlete to be seen by athletic trainer:

Contact athletic trainer via email if need is not immediate. If injury is acute, contact athletic trainer by text or call at 605-370-9164 (cell) 507-328-5133 (office).

Call my cell first with an acute injury, but sometimes calls do not go through due to being in a concrete block. If I do not answer my cell, call my office number.

I am still going to be out and about to practices as much as I can.

Athlete will be screened at arrival with a temperature screen and COVID symptom screen.

Athlete will sign in and out of the athletic training care area, noting the time they entered and exited

As always, I will communicate with the coach when appropriate what was discussed with the athlete.


Please refer to this link for any updates from the MSHSL

Relevant documents

Attached documents are what I have used to help guide me how to set up my training room rules while we navigate how to participate in sports with COVID-19.



  • All athletes receiving treatment must sign in. This does include simply getting ice.
    • Signing in determines order of me helping you. You do not sign in, I am not aware that you need my help.
  • Order  of operation
    • Those playing in a game
    • Practice
    • Rehab
    • Evaluations
  • If you make a mess, please clean up after yourself
  • No shoes on taping tables or treatment tables
  • No cleats or outside shoes in the training room
  • Please do not take anything out of the training room without asking for permission first
    • If you do get approval to take equipment out of the room, please return it
  • No photos or videos can be taken in the training room. That includes snap chat or whatever crazy things you kids have these days
  • No profanity, derogatory/abusive or disrespectful language allowed
  • If an athlete is not able to follow these rules they will be asked to leave and their coach will be informed

Athletic Training Room Hours

Hours during fall camp and holiday breaks will be different until school starts back. Below are hours with school days

2:30-6:30 (fall) 

2:30-6:00 (winter and spring)

or until home events are complete.

All varsity events will be covered accordingly:


Fall- Football (primary), Soccer (primary) and Volleyball (secondary)

Winter- Hockey (primary), Wrestling (primary) and Basketball (secondary)

Spring- Lacrosse (primary), Track (primary), Baseball (secondary) and Softball (secondary)

Fall Season Saturday Clinic

We will not have Fall clinic this year. They may happen in the spring, but nothing has been determined thus far.


Spring Baseline Concussion


Testing has concluded. If your son/daughter still needs to be tested, reach out to me and we will figure out an individual date/time.

Any further questions, please reach out! 
email me at




Every athlete who plays Football, Boys and Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Hockey, Wrestling, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, or are pitchers/catches for Baseball and Softball for Century High School needs to complete baseline testing prior to the 2020-2021 season starting.