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Century Girls Lacrosse

2022 Regular Season
Regular Season x Regular Season 2022

Jessica Dahl

Head Coach


Welcome back Big 9 Champs!

Practice schedule 2023

Practices will be held at Kellogg.

Practice times will be roughly 4-6 weekdays that we do not have games

game link is below 

Team meeting will be March 7th, 6pm in the North cafeteria at Century

After registration I will send out an email. 

please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Text or email work best.

2022 Raffle Winners!

May 2nd.     Kristi Herbert.    $50.            #272

May 3rd.     Heather Merren.  $50.            #84
May 4th.     Mari Jane Speer  $50.            #189

May 5th.     Karen Ladue.      $50.            #451

May 6th.     Karen Ladue.      $100.           #450

May 6th.     Kristi Herbert.     $100.          #362

May 9.         Joan Moe.           $50.            #267

May 10.      Richard Olson      $50.            #206

May 11.       Brian Kopp.         $50.           #62

May 12.       Nancy Hanson.    $50.            #210

May 13.       Lesley Shockman.  $100.       #413

May 13.       Susan Anderson.    $100.        #244

May 16.        Brian Kopp.           $50.          #66

May 17.        Craig Tauscher.     $50.           #409

May 18        Dave Peterson       $50             #12

May 19         Troy Donahue      $50             #387

May 20         Jason Ottman       $100          #111

May 20        Martha Bassler     $100           #240

May 23        Micheal Franco     $50              #484

May 24        Judy Winterhalter $50             #420

May 25        Jon Feind             $50             #378

May 26        Matt Busch          $50             #137

May 27        Erin Widman        $100           #34

May 27        Matt Husbyn       $100             #102

May 31      Tanya Williams      $300            #247


Team Fundraisers

Team Fundraisers


  • donations can be made via Venmo : 


    Include the following: 1) name of player   2) girls or boys program    3) reason (team donation, restaurant card, raffle calendar, etc)                                                                                                                                                                 .                                                                                            

  • If you already have Venmo search “ Century-Lax “ under business not people. Thank you!

Travel Release form

Any player not riding the bus to or home from games must have one of these forms filled out and approved

Random Thought

Hi All, To my surprise most of the girls I have asked have not seen a lacrosse game on tv, I know the sport is "young" and it is not as easy as catching a football game on tv but there are many lacrosse games that can be viewed on youtube (High School or College/Local or national) and the "Watch ESPN" app is great for keeping up with current college level lacrosse games (the season has started!). The information that so many girls have not seen a game made me think of what a valuable tool it is for coaches, now back, I mean way back in the day when I played I never thought twice about it but watching all those football, basketball games ect... really help me understand what my coaches were telling me, I had seen these concepts numerous times on tv so it clicked when the coaches tried to teach the concepts of the game. Now I have a young daughter and know about screen time and what a challenge it can be to keep it at a proper amount but maybe once in awhile you could all encourage using just a little of that time to check out a few Lacrosse games. :-)    -Thanks, Tyler


Please make sure any goggles purchased meet the ASTM 3077 standard. Here is a link to a partial list of goggles that meet this standard, it is only partial and if the goggles meet the standard they will promote it.

Mouth guard (No clear, white or "fang" type guards)

Some of you may have heard of the SISU mouth guards, they seem to be a bit less cumbersome. If anyone is interested I can get the "max guard" for $18 or the "Aero guard" for $16 or you can enter CHAT10 and receive 10% off.


There are not a lot of company's out there offer women's lax helmets yet as of now the Cascade is offering one of the few/only that meet the f3137 standard. BSN states it has a best price guarantee on this helmet listed at $119 I can get you more info on this if anyone has interest.

2022 Big 9 Champions!

2022 Big 9 Champions