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Student Government

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Student Government Application

This application includes all the information you need to know about applying to be a representative. There will be mandatory orientation meetings before the application deadline of 9/15. These will be before and after school on 9/7. (you just attend one)

Century Student Government

Homecoming 2022

Student government is an open club. Any student who is willing to apply and agree to the requirements will become a representative of student government and will remain a member as long as they fulfill the attendance and participation requirements. (which are strict!)

The student government at Century plans spirit events, organizes homecoming, spearheads our annual Bear Creek fundraising efforts, bring forth issues of concern to the administration, participates in regional and state conferences, increases communication with the student body, plans prom and organizes events surrounding graduation. 

Kathryn Gardner


Roster of 2023-24 Student Government Members

Executive Board Cabinet Representatives
Morgan Morey- St. Body President

Evelyn Kim- 12

Logan Clappier-12
Natalie Kottom- St. Body Vice Pres. Josie Morgan- 12 Sarah Nevenheim- 12
Rachel Taunton- Treasurer Katya Ould Ali- 12 Phoebe Meyer- 12
Reetu Gurung- Secretary Stephanie Bannon-12 Audrey Whitney-12
Sam Wattier- Sr Class President Alex Wanek- 12 Arihann Ayyanar-12
Anousha Mozamel-  Jr Class President Peter Schuler- 12 Sarah Yilma- 12
Ardashir Kocer- So. Class President Shaked Rachbuch-10 Jacinta Peters- 12
  Annika Bartucz- 11 Veronica Kariuki- 12
  William Yan- 10 Liv Lazarus- 12
  Karthik Anand- 10 Gavin Vogel-12
  Sophia Comfere- 11 Cameron Stout- 12
  Keira Basballe- 10 Nick Watson- 12
  Aisharya Bhattacharya- 11 Brooklyn Opdahl- 12
  Younju Lee- 11 Ella Davis- 11
  Anastasiia Milko- 12 Abdirahman Ahmed- 11
  Natalie Homme- 11 Krithik Gurramkonda- 11
  Addison Huschka- 11 Thea Gronolt- 11
  Sophia Liu- 11 Wanjala Carlson- 11
  Shannon Kim- 10 Olivia Morrissey- 11
    Nisha Wetter- 11
    Craig Whitney- 11
    Blake Beckenbaugh- 10
    Mya Jacobson- 10
    Kai Anderson-10
    Avalon Lohse- 10
    DeAndre Love-Owen- 10
    Amelia Fratzke- 10
    Forest Fox- 10
    Mary Watson- 10
    Kylie Sleger- 10
    Greta Oetliker- 10
    Kailey Heublein- 10
    Violet Cummings-10
    Sydney Buhman- 10
    Avery Benike- 10
    Rzan Al-Janabi- 10
    Ruby Novak- 10 

Téa McEachern- 10

    Jayson Lee- 10
    Krishna Kadirvel- 10
    Sarah Homme- 10
    Abbey Holm- 10
    Colin Chen- 10
    Muhammad Huzaifa- 10
    Y Nha Nguyen- 9
    Julia Wang- 9
    Isabel Huschka-9
    Jasmine Yu-9
    Vivian Zheng- 9
    Sonia LaRocque- 9
    So-Yeon Smith- 9
    Ayattii Ayyanar- 9
    William Taunton- 9
    Yufei Zhou- 9




We Represent the Students of Century High School