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Century Honor Society News and Information


Member information for the 2017-2018 school year is accessible via the link below:




2017-2018 Meeting Dates:

            September:  7:00 A.M., Thursday, 9/14, for returning seniors only, in the Forum

            October:  7:00 A.M., Thursday, 10/12, in North Cafeteria

            November:  7:00 A.M., Thursday, 11/9, in North Cafeteria

            December:  7:00 A.M., Thursday, 12/14, in North Cafeteria

            January:  7:00 A.M., Thursday, 1/11, in North Cafeteria

            February:  7:00 A.M., Thursday, 2/8, in North Cafeteria

            March:  7:00 A.M., Thursday, 3/8, in North Cafeteria

            April:  7:00 A.M., Thursday, 4/19,  in North Cafeteria (Juniors

            only; seniors need not attend)

            May:  7:00 A.M., Thursday, 5/24,  in North Cafeteria (Date

            reflects change, as of 2/8/18.)

Mr. Olson


Mr. Baker


Applications for New Members were due by 3:15 P.M. on September 27

Rochester Public Schools Honor Society By-Laws