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2020 Season Century Debate Team Students on Zoom at Practice

2020 Century Debate Team Pandemic Season!

Chris Deufel

Chris Deufel

Debate Coach


Krista Boston

Krista Boston

Debate Coach

Phone: 612-598-3916

Arhan Mehta

Arhan Mehta

Team Captain, Senior

Andrew Cao

Andrew Cao

Team Captain, Senior

Zoey Chen

Zoey Chen

Team Captain

Jenny Yan

Jenny Yan

Team Captain

Shulan  Tian

Shulan Tian

Parent Judge Coordinator and Advisor

2020 Season Debate Topic(s)

Each fall season, the Classic Debate League has two topics.  The first is chosen in August by the Coaches.  The second is voted upon by the students/teams and will be debated the second part of the season through the State Championship Tournament.

The 2020 Season Topics were - 

First Season Topic:  Resolved:  The United States’ use of the atomic bombs against Japan was justified.

Second Topic:  Resolved:  A single-payer system is preferable to reform within the existing private-public health insurance system in the United States.


Fall 2021 Season Information

How It Works (The 2020 Online Season is Over - see you in August 2021 - hopefully back in person!)


Debate tournaments are held each Saturday from October to December, with a break on MEA weekend and Thanksgiving weekend.  Most of the 8 tournaments are held out of town.  Buses typically depart at 6 AM and return to Century at 6 PM. The State Class League Debate Tournament, traditionally held in South St. Paul, is the first weekend of December.

Students debate with a partner in 4 rounds per tournament, each round lasting approximately 1 hour. The team defends the resolution (arguing the affirmative) in two rounds, and negates the resolution (arguing the negative) in two rounds. Judges score each round, assigning points for effective argumentation, adherence to procedure, and speaker performance. Team and individual rankings are established, and winners are recognized at an awards ceremony at the conclusion of each tournament.  All students start in Novice and progress each year to Junior Varsity and eventually Varsity depending on performance and skill.  Parents are expected to commit time to judge and are trained to do so.  This is a requirement to keep fees low for this activity.

2020 Season Awards

Minnesota Classic League State Tournament

The Century Debate Team won 5th place 2020 State Tournament Sweepstakes Award -  The Governor's Cup.

State Champion - Junior Varsity - Jenny Yan and Rita Dai

Varsity Speaker Award - Arhan Mehta (19th)

JV Speaker Awards -  Jenny Yan - took Third place with Rita Dai (14th) and Vinay Beeram (16th)

November 21st

Junior Varsity - Jenny Yan - 2nd Place Speaker award

Jenny Yan and Rita Dai - Fourth Place in JV category

November 14th

Varsity - Speaker Awards:  Jenny Yan took 15th

Novice A - Speaker Awards:

Danielle Wang took  8th

Rachel Taunton took 10th

Sarah Yilma took 11th


Rachel Taunton and Danielle Wang Second place 

Sarah Yilma and Jacinta Peters took Ninth place

November 7th

Junior Varsity - Jenny Yan and Rita Dai (5th) and Zoey Chen and Vinay Beeram (9th) had winning records (3-1)

Speaker AwardsJenny Yan took 2nd and Rita Dai took 15th of the top 20 speakers and Rita Dai and Jenny Yan took Fifth place

Novice Speaker Awards First: Sarah Yilma

Fourth: Ethan Zhang

Fifth:  Rachel Taunton

Seventh:  Jacinta Peters

Thirteenth:  Danielle Wang

The team took 6 of the top 20 speakers. 

Rachel Yilma and Jacinta Peters took First place in Novice B

Felix Lu and Ethan Zhang took Fourth place in Novice B

Rachel Taunton and Danielle Wang took Ninth place in Novice B

October 24th

Varsity: Speaker Awards: 

Andrew Cao took 3rd place

Junior Varsity - Speaker Award: Jenny Yan - 2nd place and Rita Dai took 4th place

Awards: Jenny Yan and Rita Dai took 7th place.

Novice: Speaker Awards - Ethan Zhang - 14th

October 10th

Junior Varsity Speaker Award: Viney Beeram took 5th

Awards: Zoey Chen and Viney Beeram took 7th.

Novice Speaker Awards -  Sarah Yilma took 19th place

Awards - Sarah Yilma and Jacinta Peters took 14th place

October 3rd

Varsity  Speaker Awards: 

Andrew Cao took 3rd place


Rishikesh Krishnan and Andrew Cao took thirteenth place.

Junior Varsity Speaker Award: Jenny Yan - 12th place

Awards: Jenny Yan and Rita Dai took 2nd place.

Novice Speaker Awards - Danielle Wang - 16th

Awards - Rachel Taunton and Danielle Wang - 7th

Felix Lu and Dean Wang - 10th

2021 Fall Season Tournament Schedule

The 2021 Upcoming Season Dates are TBD.

Please note: Parent volunteers are appreciated, and may serve as judges. Training is provided. Contact Coach Krista Boston or Parent Advisor Shulan Tian, if you're interested!

State Championship Awards


  • School Sweepstakes - Governor's Cup - 5th Place
  • State Champions - Junior Varsity Jenny Yan and Rita Dai
  • Jenny Yan - 3rd Place Speaker Award - Junior Varsity


  • Hemanth Asirvatham - 2nd Place Speaker Award - Junior Varsity


  • Hemanth Asirvatham - 4th Place Speaker Award - Novice


  • Kyle Hooten and Austin McCoy -  2nd Place out of 53 JV teams at the Minnesota State Debate Tournament.
  • Kyle Hooten - 1st Place JV Speaker Award out of 106 debaters at the Minnesota State Debate Tournament.


  • State Champions: Roshini Asirvathan and Ghanashyam Unnikrishnan - Novice


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