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Announcements for Parents and Students

All announcements and schedule changes should be followed in the Century Debate Classroom.  To join please use code: kxzpgk6 and the link to the classroom is here:


Your Debate Team Coach

Coach Boston is an award winning HighSchool and Collegiate Speech and Debate Competitor.  She was at one time ranked 9th in the Nation as part of the Kearney State College Debate Team.  She has competed in both Public Address and Dramatic Interpretation Events including Poetry, Drama, Duo, Great Speeches, Storytelling, Extemporaneous Speaking, Group Poetry, One Act Plays, Theatre, Musical Theatre, The Voice of Democracy and was Captain of the Debate Team in College, Student Body Vice President, Student Lobbyist and later went on to become an Attorney (Member of the Minnesota State Bar) and is a member of the Olmsted County Bar Association.  In 2014, she formed the award winning Speech and Debate Team for Math and Science Academy in Woodbury before she moved to Rochester to become the Chief Customer Relations Officer for City of Rochester's - Rochester Public Utilities.  She is a Senior Community Faculty At Metropolitan State University teaching in the Human Services Administration School and currently serves as the Head Speech Coach with Asst. Speech Coach Susan Amundrud. She is a proud member of the Blue Star Mothers (Navy Mom) and serves on the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial Steering Committee and the Salvation Army Advisory Board.

Krista Boston, J.D.

Krista Boston, J.D.

Head Debate Coach

Phone: 612-598-3916 (texts preferred)

Felix Lu

Felix Lu

Team Captain

Danielle Wang

Danielle Wang

Team Captain

2022 Season Debate Topic(s)

Each fall season, the Classic Debate League has two topics.  The first is chosen in August by the Coaches.  The second is voted upon by the students/teams and will be debated the second part of the season through the State Championship Tournament.

The first topic for the 2022 season has been announced: (debaters should immediately start researching evidence and drafting case plans upon announcement):

Topic 1:   Resolved:  Standardized test scores should not be used as a factor in undergraduate college admissions. 

Topic 2: will be decided in Mid October and is voted upon by the students



Topics for the 2021 Fall Season were:

Topic 1: Resolved:  The United States Constitution should be amended to limit the term for future US Supreme Court justices to 18 years.

TOPIC GUIDANCE from the LEAGUE:  The focus of the debate should not be on the exact length of the term limits nor the exact process of implementation.  The focus of the debate should be on the merits of term limits for the Supreme Court. 

Topic 2:  Resolved: On balance, the AUKUS security pact will advance United States’ interests.

Fall 2022 Season Information for Parents and Team Members

How It Works:


First as a new debater we'd like to see you at an orientation meeting on September 12th (note new date) for new member/parents at 6:00 at the high school (room to be announced in the classroom code which is: kxzpgk6


If you'd like to join debate email the coach or captains and we'll connect you to the right people to get in the loop - this activity is joined and paid for like any other - contact the activities office for more information.  Meetings are tenatively scheduled for Mondays (mandatory with Coach) and Wednesdays (Captains practice) from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.  The first all group meeting for new and returning debaters will be September 12th, 2022.

Are you returning and wish you could start preparing now?  The coach recommends you start gathering evidence about Topic 1 which is announced on August 16th to the classroom.  Or feel free to write up an aff. or neg. case for review by the captains - Debate is 9/10ths preparation!

More information for new debaters:  Debate tournaments are held each Saturday from October to December, with a break on MEA weekend and Thanksgiving weekend.  

Most of the 7 tournaments are held out of town except two which are online but the students will be at century for these debates a classroom.  For traveling tournaments - Buses typically depart around 6 AM on the scheduled Saturday and return to Century usually before 6 PM.  Debaters MUST ride the bus.  Volunteer parent judges must pass a background check and can ride the bus or meet the team at the school.  The State Classic League Debate Tournament - which is held at Two Rivers Highschool in Mendota Heights - is the first weekend of December and students will stay overnight at a hotel and those costs are bourne by the student/family.  The season ends and banquet is held, wrapping everything up.

The Classic League Debate Format:  Students debate with a partner in 4 rounds per tournament, each round lasting approximately 1 hour. The team defends the resolution (arguing the affirmative) in two rounds, and negates the resolution (arguing the negative) in two rounds. Judges score each round, assigning points for effective argumentation, adherence to procedure, and speaker performance. Team and individual rankings are established, and winners are recognized at an awards ceremony at the conclusion of each tournament.  All students start in Novice and progress each year to Junior Varsity and eventually Varsity depending on performance and skill.  The coach decides how and when a student advances - a student does not decide this.  The coach considers the recommendations of the Captains in that regard.  Parents are expected to commit time to judge and are trained to do so.  This is a requirement to keep fees low for this activity.

2022 Fall Season Tournament Schedule

The fall schedule is on process and this is it so far. First resolution will be issued August 16th.

2022 Classic Debate League Schedule
October 1 Topic 1—Eastview HS
October 8 Topic 1—Online - Coach will get rooms for this at century - at least one laptop with a camera will be needed per team.

October 15 Topic 1—Mankato 
November 5 Topic 2—South St. Paul HS
November 12 Topic 2—Stillwater
November 19 Topic 2—Online - Coach will get rooms for this at century - at least one laptop with a camera will be needed per team.
Dec.  2-3  State Topic 2—Two Rivers HS

Please note:

Parent volunteers are required and will serve as judges for at least one tournament a season (or more please!). Training is provided. Contact Coach Krista Boston, if you're interested!  You must complete a background check with the school and you can ride the bus to the tournaments. 

Contact the Head Coach to sign up to judge and be trained.  Judges Training will be held at the school on September 14th from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

2022 Season Awards

2022 Classic Debate Team Awards 

Eastview Classic Debate - 1st Tournament
Atuti & Milosevic: 4-0
Krishna & Kadirvel: 3-1

Speaker Awards
Milosevic: 2nd place, Kadirvel: 7th place, Anand: 9th place

Hill & Hussein: 4-0

Speaker Awards Hussein: 4th place

Minnesota Virtual Classic Debate - 2nd Tournament

Gasner & Atuti: 4-0

Kazemi & Zhang: 3-1

Speaker Awards Gasner: 3rd place, Milosevic: 8th place, Anand: 9th place

Kazemi: 13th place

Bartucz & Hussein: 3-1

Speaker Awards Hill: 17th place

Mankato East Classic Debate - 3rd Tournament


Kazemi & Zhang: 3-1

Anand & Zhang: 3-1

Speaker Awards

Kazemi: 4th place

Anand: 8th place

Bartucz & Hussein: 4-0

Speaker Awards Hussein: 4th place


Lu & Zhang: 4-0

Wang & Wang: 3-1

Speaker Awards Zhang: 4th place, Lu: 14th place, Wang: 15th place, Wang: 17th place

South St. Paul Classic Debate - 4th Tournament

Nov A

Kazemi & Gasner: 4-0
Atuti & Zhang: 3-1

Speaker Awards Kazemi: 3rd place, Gasner: 5th place, Milosevic: 13th place

Nov B
Speaker Awards
Nakhla: 15th place

Hussein, Mozammel & Blegen: 3-1

Speaker Awards
Mozammel: 14th place

Stillwater Classic Debate - 5th Tournament

Nov A
Kazemi & Gasner: 4-0

Atuti & Peng: 3-1

Speaker Awards Kazemi: 1st place, Anand: 6T, Milosevic: 6T, Gasner: 11th plac, McEarchen: 15th place, Peng: 16th place

Nov B
Joshi, Zhang & Nakhla: 3-1

Bartucz & Hussein: 4-0


Speaker Awards

Hussein: 18th place

Hill: 20th place


Minnesota Virtual Classic Debate - 6th Tournament

Nov A

Milosevic & Anand: 4-0

Speaker Awards Anand: 3rd place, Kadirvel: 15th place


Minnesota Classic Debate State Tournament

Armita & Anje: Quarter Finals

Karthik & Ana: Octa-Finals


Speaker Awards Anand: 12th place, Gasner: 15th place, Kazemi: 17th place

Speaker Awards Hussein: 18th place



Wang & Wang: 10th place

Speaker Awards Wang: 21st place, Wang: 22nd place


State Championship Awards


  • Ethan Zhang and Felix Lu placed in the topic 16 by advancing to OctoFinals.


  • School Sweepstakes - Governor's Cup - 5th Place
  • State Champions - Junior Varsity Jenny Yan and Rita Dai
  • Jenny Yan - 3rd Place Speaker Award - Junior Varsity


  • Hemanth Asirvatham - 2nd Place Speaker Award - Junior Varsity


  • Hemanth Asirvatham - 4th Place Speaker Award - Novice


  • Kyle Hooten and Austin McCoy -  2nd Place out of 53 JV teams at the Minnesota State Debate Tournament.
  • Kyle Hooten - 1st Place JV Speaker Award out of 106 debaters at the Minnesota State Debate Tournament.


  • State Champions: Roshini Asirvathan and Ghanashyam Unnikrishnan - Novice


2023 Season Awards