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Boys Golf

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Lance Dahl

Head Boys Golf Coach (

Tim O'Neill

V/JV Assistant Coach

2024 Boys Golf Apparel - Closes 11/15!


All items will be picked-up by Coach Dahl, and he will bring them to CHS for pick-up BEFORE Winter Break! GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA!!!! All orders will be processed when the store closes on Wednesday, November 15th. Please allow 3-4 weeks for production.

Volunteer Opportunity!



Thursday, September 28th

Century Stadium (Concession Stand)

we need 1-2 parents and 5-6 golfers

Let us know if you can help!  - Coach Dahl, Coach Berg & Coach O'Neill

2023 Boy's Golf


Those trying for top 12 V/JV: 

  • 6 Varsity and 6 Junior Varsity spots
  • If we are unable to hold a qualifying event before our first meet then last season’s results will determine placement.
  • Placement on and within the team are fluid.
  • We strive to place players in a position to succeed and build confidence.

We only 6 Varsity spots.  Just because you were on Varsity or JV last year, does not automatically mean you will stay there (regardless of grade level).  Varsity, JV  and C-Squad will be formed leading up to our first meet.  Placement on these teams throughout the season is “fluid” and can change as performance changes.  Varsity will carry 6 players and JV will carry 6 players.  Non-Varsity seniors will not travel out of town for meets. Being coachable, accepting help and feedback for the betterment of the team is an important character trait for golf.

AGAIN:  Your team placement may change week-to-week, meet-to-meet.

Student- Athletes & Attendance

As a building initiative Century is starting to address poor attendance.  Any unexcused absence or late arrivals to class will cause students to miss the next contest.  Late arrivals are up to 25 minutes late for class.

Students with attendance issues must work with their classroom teacher and the attendance office to clear up the mistake. 

Students should NOT have their parent/guardian/coach call the attendance office to clear-up poor attendance.  This issue is between the student and the classroom teacher.  If the teacher agrees to correct the error, he/she will notify the attendance office.  

IF a student is going to be absent due to illness, doctor, dentist or funeral the parent/guardian must pre-excuse their student with a call to the attendance office to leave a message with the reason for the absence.