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Panther Playhouse

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Deb Roberge


Bailey Quam

Stage Design and Production

2018 Fall Play Information -

Informational Meeting - Thursday, September 4, 3:15pm in the Century Auditorium

Auditions - Tuesday, September 18th and Wednesday, September 19th

YOU MUST BE REGISTERED ONLINE in order to audition (link below).


The Century Panther Playhouse



by Ralph Bellamy

Set Reveal:  September 4th after school in the auditorium

Auditions:  September 18th & 19th

Performance dates:

Senior Matinee - November 7th, 12 noon

November 8th, 9th, & 10th, 7:00 pm



All Mabeline "Mabes" Collins can think about is going to prom with Sam Finnick, lacrosse star. Her bookworm sister, Serena, immersed in a steady diet of post-apocalyptic young-adult fiction, predicts the end of the world, but the only cataclysm Mabes can envision is Sam not inviting her to the big event! Then it happens! News of a vast alien aircraft in orbit! Panic in the streets! A plague of zombie-vampire hybrids breaks out, and Mabes' house becomes packed with refugees—among them Sam (who has asked her to prom); Sam's survivalist father, Ben; the school chess nerd, Charles Wiggin (who seems to be in love with Mabes); and the psycho Meyer twins, Alice and Cassie. Many months later, Mabes is no longer a shallow teenager attached to her iPhone. As a member of a survivalist group called Undaunted, she must struggle against cannibals, zombie-vamps and a mutant mountain lion—as well as the Insurgents, a rival survivalist band that includes Charles Wiggin—the guy she might really love. With its blend of action, comedy and serious drama, Apocalypse offers young actors a wide range of dramatic opportunities and a chance to parody popular young-adult novels such as The Hunger Games and Divergent.