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Century High School Honor Society (CHSHS)

2021-22 CHSHS Application and Registration Process

Application for membership in CHSHS for 2021-22 was emailed to eligible juniors and seniors on September 27. (Students are eligible to apply if they have a GPA of 3.7 or above.) The application process instructions and links to the application form are included in the email.

The list of eligible juniors and seniors will also be posted on the CHSHS Bulletin Board outside of the Media Center, with information about how to access the application.

Volunteer and Service Opportunities

October and Ongoing Service Opportunities can be found at this link:

CHSHS Meeting Dates 2021-22

The first member meeting of CHSHS is Thursday, November 4 at 7:45am in the North Cafeteria.

Future meeting dates TBA.

Induction and Maintaining Membership in Good Standing

During the first semester of membership each year, CHSHS members are responsible for completing service hours and meeting attendance requirements. All CHSHS members who successfully complete the service hours and meeting attendance requirements for the first semester will be eligible to participate in the induction ceremony to be held early in the second semester each year.

To remain a member in good standing, students must meet service hours and meeting attendance requirements for the second semester.

Students who do not meet service hours and meeting attendance requirements in either semester, or who violate other membership requirements outlined in the By-Laws, will not be eligible for participation in the induction ceremony, will be dismissed from CHSHS membership, and will forfeit the right to wear CHSHS insignia at graduation or to be identified as a CHSHS member in the graduation program.

Century Honor Society patches:

1st year members (Juniors or Seniors) that meet the requirements for 1st semester and are inducted would be eligible for the CHSHS patch during their first year of membership. 

Members inducted as Juniors could get a 2nd year insignia for their Senior year if they recommit to membership Senior year and meet the requirements that year.

Meeting Attendance, Service Hours and Other Membership Requirements

Attend Morning Meetings

  • More than 2 unexcused absences from morning meetings for the year will result in a recommendation that the student be dismissed from CHSHS membership.
  • Members must contact the advisors in advance if they are going to be absent from a monthly meeting, whenever possible.

Maintain at least a 3.7 cumulative, weighted GPA

Complete service hours:

  • First Semester – 20 hours required – 10 sponsored and 10 unsponsored
  • Second Semester – 20 hours required – 10 sponsored and 10 unsponsored
  • Sponsored hours - from opportunities communicated to members by CHSHS leadership
  • Unsponsored hours - from opportunities that members identify on their own
  • Hours must be submitted using the online CHSHS hours form

Lead and participate in CHSHS projects, committees, and/or activities

Submitting and Tracking Service Hours

Please submit hours within a week of completion.

Links to Submit Your Service Hours:


Links to View Your Service Hours Submitted:







Want to share a volunteer opportunity with CHSHS members?

Please contact with the date, time and location of your volunteer opportunity/event and how CHSHS members can sign up to volunteer.

Induction Ceremony - TBD

CHSHS Contacts

CHSHS Officers 2021-22

Elections will be held in Fall of 2021 for this year's officers.

  • President:
  • Vice President:
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer:

CHSHS Advisors

  • Ms. Amanda Kaus
  • Mrs. Cathy Nathan-