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Boys Cross Country

Regular Season 2016

Paul Callahan

Head Boys Cross Country Coach

Phone: (507)884-1446

Brian Purrington

Assistant Boys Cross Country Coach

Gary Lovelace

Assistant Boys Cross Country Coach

Wrapping it all up

Season Purpose "The way to success is to live by the goals that we set knowing it won't be easy and will require the maximum effort needed each and every day together."

Greetings Cross Country Team and Family: 10/29/18

Well the end to another season has arrived and while we set goals to go to state, perhaps we can table those goals for next year.  The team placed 8th overall at the section for varsity and 3rd for JV.  We want to thank all of our seniors for the time and dedication they gave to this team and hope that you will visit us in the future.

As we say goodbye to the 2018 season, we take what we have learned this year and can apply many of our successes and challenges to 2019. Our captain's voting this season was so close, that as a coaching group, we have decided to abstain from declaring captains for the 2019 season until the first day of next season.  This should give our potential captains some time to declare themselves and see if they can put their wonderful words spoken at our meeting into practice.

We would like all of you to take two weeks off to physically and mentally re-cooperate. 

After this, we invite you to do some fun running and get into the lifting programs that we have to offer.  

We do not  necessarily need to start running regularly until January for the spring season, so take this time to fall back in love with training, running, and camaraderie.  Enter into some turkey trots and Santa 5k's compete with your community members and find a new joy in running.

When you are ready, please view our website or come talk with me about winter training.

Track in the spring.......


Final Snacks.....

We use twitter as a means of communication of information, so if you are a twitter user, please follow me Paul Callahan @paulruntommyboy

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

-Coach Callahan



End of Season Banquet November 8, 2018

For those of you looking at some long term planning, our Cross country end of season banquet will be Thursday, November 8th, 2018 from 5:30pm-7:30pm.  We will celebrate all of our athletes throughout the season and their accomplishments:  Please bring the following items:

12th/11th grade main dishes

10th grade side salads/bread

7th-9th grade desserts/drinks

We will provide some bottles of water as well

Christmas Anonymous Volunteer Opportunity

Once again we’re looking for your help with loading again this year.  I’d appreciate it if you would put out the word to your team members and encourage them to help.  As you know Christmas Anonymous is great cause.  The recipients really appreciate all that we do and are very thankful.

Store day is Saturday, Dec. 8th at the usual place (Christ United Methodist Church on 4th St. SW).  Shifts are morning or afternoon (or both).  Help in the afternoon is particularly helpful as it is more difficult to get volunteers in the afternoon.  The morning shift starts about 8:15 am with preparations for the day.  I’d like to start the afternoon shift about 11:30.  We are usually done by about 3:30.  Please let me know if you or any of your team can help out and which shift.  Thanks.

Final Analysis of Section

31 PRs

14 under 18:00 plus Carter Jack 18:03 PR (11 underclassmen)

6 others ran a season's best (Ponce, Christian, E Manuell, Fisher, Madline, Sanders)

Improvements 2017 to 2018

Silas G 1:10

Jason D :56

Ben R :47

Biniker :58

Gunter  :50

Dion  1:22

Sam J  :43

M Swenson  1:43

In season improvement for new runners

Hill  :43

Schatz  :46

C Ponce :42

Warsame 1:39

Austin  1:21

Pavelko  2:19

Fingerson 2:17

Krizan  1:34

Raymundo  1:33

Crow  2:45

Casey  2:51

Lagerland  2:11

Jerabek  3:47

Marquardt  3:52

Satele  1:59

Our Hopes


We hope that each of you this year set fourth achievable goals and took the necessary steps to work towards those goals.

We hope that you have enjoyed something that can be a lifelong learning experience that will help you handle the much more intense stresses of life in the future

We hope that you have enjoyed your teammates and the experiences both fun and sometimes difficult and uncomfortable position we have put you in...think yoga.

We hope that when you leave this program, you know how to continue to train yourself or find ways to work towards your goals.

We hope that we made you uncomfortable, and through that un-comfort, you were able to grow.

We hope you will always look back on this time as a growing and significant experience in your lives.

At this point in the season, we know you are physically ready.  Now is the time to show us that you have the mental stamina to support each other and be there.  When it is your best race and when it is your worst.

Fall Sports Snack Sign up

Greetings Parents:

If you would like to contribute to the team, here is a link to sign up for fall snacks.  Distance athletes need lots of refueling.  This is an opportunity to talk help.  Please sign up at the following weblink:


Coach Callahan

Shutterfly Website 2018

Thank you to the parent leadership group for putting together our shutterfly website.  Here is the website link below for pictures of the upcoming season:


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