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Athletic Training

Regular Season 2014-15
2014-15 x Regular Season


If your athlete needs to be seen for an athletic injury, they should see me first. After seeing/talking to me, please call Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine at 507-266-9100 to make appointments. I am also able to help in making these appointments as well.

When your son or daughter is seen by a health care provider other than myself, they will need to bring a note and give it to me prior to return to play.

Weather Conditions and Competition Board Policy

MSHSL Environmental Condition and Competition Guidelines

Kayla Uptagrafft

Head Athletic Trainer

Phone: 328-5133 (office)

COVID-19 Information

While sports may not be in an organized format at this time, I am still available for any reason for the student athletes. Please feel free to reach out to me via email ( or by phone (605) 370-9164. 


If you have any questions about COVID-19 Mayo does have a help line at 507-293-9525. 


I miss you all and hope everyone is staying safe! Hope to see you all soon!!



  • All athletes receiving treatment must sign in. This does include simply getting ice.
    • Signing in determines order of me helping you. You do not sign in, I am not aware that you need my help.
  • Order  of operation
    • Those playing in a game
    • Practice
    • Rehab
    • Evaluations
  • If you make a mess, please clean up after yourself
  • No shoes on taping tables or treatment tables
  • No cleats or outside shoes in the training room
  • Please do not take anything out of the training room without asking for permission first
    • If you do get approval to take equipment out of the room, please return it
  • No photos or videos can be taken in the training room. That includes snap chat or whatever crazy things you kids have these days
  • No profanity, derogatory/abusive or disrespectful language allowed
  • If an athlete is not able to follow these rules they will be asked to leave and their coach will be informed

Athletic Training Room Hours

2:30-6:00 on practice nights, or until home events are complete.

All varsity events will be covered accordingly:


Fall- Football, Soccer and Volleyball

Winter- Hockey, Wrestling and Basketball

Spring- Lacrosse, Track, Baseball and Softball 

Fall Season Saturday Clinic

The last clinic was on October 12th for this fall season.

Saturday Clinics will be available next fall 2020


Fall Baseline Concussion



**Please be aware there could and probably will be some last minute changes**

Things will be looking a bit different for the fall baseline concussion testing this year. We will only be doing half of what we typically do to help limit exposure. We are also having the sports show up individually to help limit numbers that way as well. Masks MUST be worn at all times as we will be inside. 

Date: Monday, August 10th

Place: Century HS in the Gym (enter Door #14, North Cafeteria ONLY) 

Students MUST come at the designated time listed here BY SPORT


Girls Soccer 8:30am - 9:30am
Boys Soccer 9:30am - 10:30am

Please arrive five minutes early for time of sport. If late, we may have to turn athletes away. We are doing other schools that same day that we all have to go to right after Century, so time is important. If an individual athlete has an issue with the time their sport is, please reach out prior and we can figure something out. 

If this date does not work, please reach out to me and we will figure something out. 

This link NEEDS to be filled out prior to arrival. This helps us make this process run smooth for us and for the athlete. Even if you filled it out last year, you need to fill it out for this school year.

Any further questions, please reach out! 




Every athlete who plays Football, Boys and Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Hockey, Wrestling, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, or are pitchers/catches for Baseball and Softball for Century High School needs to complete baseline testing prior to the 2020-2021 season starting.