The practice and meet schedule is available for review on the specific tab.

Pro-active communication with the head coach is important to maintain. 

Texting and calling is recommended; not showing up at a practice without communicating is unacceptable and can impact Meet participation and Lettering possibilities for the athlete.  No show for a meet will result in penalty to be determined by the Head Coach and Captains and can result in separation from the team.

Participation at invitational swim meets and on championship teams is for those who qualify for the specific event team; Head Coach will make the announcement of team membership in as timely a manner as possible.

Priorities for the short 14-week season are family/academics/health and then the team. Swimmers and Divers have committed to the team by their registration and for this brief time, swimming and diving needs to be at the top of the list for extracurricular activities.  It is not possible to develop athletically and be a productive member of the team without attending practices.

Again, communicating any absences in a proactive manner with the Head Coach is essential. Cell phone calls and texts can be used at any time for this purpose but should in a proactive manner and not after practice has started--unless it is an emergency. Coach phone will generally not be answered during practice as cell coverage in the pool area is limited.  Attendance issues can override any other qualification for a Varsity Letter. Unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the team.

Diving coaches have their own attendance policies that they will communicate.

NOTE: If the swimmer/diver is sick from school, they cannot come to swim or dive practice. This is a school policy.  If they are sick, they should not come to practice anyway so that they don't spread the sickness to their teammates.

Be healthy and smart, SLEEP, and take care of yourself! 

Getting the seasonal flu vaccine is recommended.

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