Tryout Information


Varsity / Junior Varsity

Team Make-up: Seniors, Junior, Sophomores, Freshman, (Seniors cannot play on JV)

**16 players will make this combined roster 

  1. We want the best players, regardless of ageWe take into consideration; ability, work ethic, maturity, etc… if a freshman or sophomore has the ability to give us something a junior or senior cannot, then we need them. Any upperclassmen who thinks, “This is my turn” is sadly mistaken. It is the turn of the best players, those who are committed to improving, regardless of age.


Dates and times for Varsity and JV tryouts:

Nov. 21: 6:15am - 7:30am

               5:00pm - 7:30pm

Nov. 22: 6:15am - 7:30am




11 roster spots 

Team make-up: Sophomores and Freshman

9A and 9B Team 

20 players will make this combined roster. 10 on 9A and 10 on 9B


Dates and times for B squad and 9th-grade tryouts

Nov. 21: 3:45pm-5:30pm

Nov. 22: 3:45pm - 5:30pm


NOTE: There are exceptions to where a student in 8th grade may be able to play at the high school level. Invitations from the coaching staff to those players will be done on an individual basis and only if we feel that player can be successful at the next level. 

If you are a Middle School Student and are looking for an opportunity to play please visit as they have teams and leagues designed to help develop players at the youth level.


Evaluation of Players

1. Basketball IQ

2. Skill Level

3. Work Ethic / Attitude



**Players will meet with the coaches and be notified after the 2nd day of try-out if they have made or did not make the respective team they were trying out for.