Equipment Needed

Our team uniform for swimmers and divers is essentially our team t-shirt, Century Deck Jacket and team Q suit and Century caps.  These will be worn for each meet and competition.  For the 2021-22 season the deck jackets will be distributed before our first practice.  Optional gear 3/4 zip jackets, shorts, windbreaker, and jogger pants will be offered to order.  Those details will be presented at our to be determined virtually Parent-Athlete-Coach meeting.  


Every swimmer should have the following equipment for participation: Team Q Suit for swim meets (ordered pre-season--information given at the PAC meeting), team t-shirt (ordered pre-season--information given at the PAC meeting), Practice Suit (different from the team suit due to chlorine exposure), Two pairs of goggles (you CANNOT share goggles), Front mount snorkel (you cannot share snorkels), Fins (short fins like FINI Zoomers or Sporti training fins are ideal). 

Also needed:  Paddles (FINI Agility paddles are ideal), Nose clip for Backstrokers, Mesh Bag. usually has best prices for Speedo goggles, and fins and more. 

Equipment will be brought to and taken away from practice each day, we cannot leave equipment bags at the Mayo pool.

Century deck jackets:  Signed-out for season-only use and only worn at team competitions.  Condition and laundering must be maintained.  Jackets are returned at the season-end.

NOTE:  Each swimmer will be given two TEAM caps to use.  If more caps are needed swimmers may need to buy them ($3.50 each).  ONLY Century team caps can be worn during meets.   

Caps are latex, if silicone is required please use only a black or navy cap--plain, no logos.