All Conference runners

Welcome to Century Girls Cross Country!

Cross country running is a sport that will impact you for the rest of your life.

The Cross Country program is open to all girls grades 7-12.  The factors that make for successful cross country athletes — focus, discipline, healthy diet, self-motivation, productive response to set backs, deferred gratification, long-view thinking — are many of the same factors that make for successful high school and college students and make for successful adults.

We will help beginners and experienced athletes alike to reach their potential as runners. You will work hard, but you’ll learn to do so in a way that is healthy, enjoyable and motivating.

Here are five goals for our season:

  1. Improve your running, racing and competitive level
  2. Give your best effort, as this is often the main element you control
  3. Help others to succeed
  4. Conduct yourself in an elegant and respectful manner
  5. Have fun (yes, hard work can be fun and feel good)


We will also have high performance expectations and goals.  But mostly, if we can achieve the goals mentioned above, performance goals will fall into place.

See you in August!

Coach Joey Keillor
Coach Brent McGrew
Coach Kassi Brown                                                                                        Coach Matt Morin


“Courage is grace under pressure.” -- Ernest Hemingway